How to fix Can’t connect Bluetooth for this call

When I try to open Bluetooth I have seen Can’t connect Bluetooth to this call, I have studied why am I saying can’t connect Bluetooth for the school I have to make myself understand that this is the latest security update by Samsung which is running in android 7.0 and 7.1.2 but this security can bypass.


Why am I seeing Can’t connect Bluetooth for this call

This is the latest security update on Samsung which is come in android nought 7.1 .2 and 7.0 in the security is a purple for device is locked many people and we also using Bluetooth to open some of basics settings of Samsung smartphone and we are unlocking Mobile phone using Bluetooth so that’s why Samsung has blocked that’s Bluetooth to be used in Lok mobile.

How to fix Can’t connect Bluetooth for this call

We have many ways to fix can’t connect Bluetooth four days call by using many toes but I am only showing you hear easy method to fix this issue in Samsung mobile phone which is running Android 7.0 to 7.1.2, Since when the security as updated all the mobile X Bhatt has put their hand off because it this process was not I’m unable to unlock but we have a neck get solution.

Process to bypass frp Bluetooth not connected or without Bluetooth

Require file

first of all, you have to download and expect Samsung from there into your deck stop then also extracts

You need to download from your file according to your mobile device it is very Essential you step to be taken first after that you have to extract that downloaded file anywhere in your computer

Now it is time to open Auden if you have already downloaded audio plus tool then expect it also and open that folder and Ryan Auden EXE we don’t have required to install  this application

Now it is time to connect your device through are USB cable now you have to put your device into download mode press volume down home and Power gay together for 10 seconds if you have seen download option in your mobile phone no it was asking volume up to continue press volume up key

Now put your download mode divide into the USB cable and from modern plus tool you have to select from the file in PDF if you are using single file then use the audio 1.8.5 otherwise if you have downloaded for files to flash then your latest version Auden flights tool which is 3.12 now select from your file in Odin tool and hit start Flashing button.

After done flashing, you have downgraded your device no you can bypass You are a Samsung device from a Bluetooth device we have already many post about this you can find it below.

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