Easy FRP Bypass HushSMS APK Download

HushSMS APK v2.4.1 Download APK is can be used to bypass FRP lack in Samsung mobile. We have four version [Android 2.2+] HushSMS v2.7.2 Download APK [31.07.2014], HushSMS 2.7.7 Download APK for Android, HushSMS Full Version 1.9.2 APK Free Download. All Download free to use. Do not use Hushsms alternative APK.

This application is used to remove FRP lock in Samsung mobile phones this is the latest version method of unlocking. We have tried this method in Samsung Note 9, Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 plus S9 plus and also Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.


FRP Bypass HushSMS APK Download Samsung Mobile

In this post, we are going to show you how step-by-step we are going to unlock Samsung mobile phone by using HarshSMS APK. I have provided download link below you can use the latest version of HashSMS APK. I Also recommend you to use the latest version of harsh SMS APK.

All versions details of HushSMS APK

  • 31.07.2014: Version Hush SMS APK 2.7.2
  • 30.07.2014: Version Hush SMS 2.7.1
  • 25.07.2014: Version Hush SMS 2.7
  • 07.07.2014: Version Hush SMS APK 2.6.1
  • 04.12.2013: Version Hush SMS 2.5.2 can buy it via PayPal
  • 03.12.2013: Version Hush SMS 2.5.2 Fixed – Unfortunately, you currently cannot purchase it
  • 03.12.2013: Version Hush SMS APK 2.5.2 Fixed – Unfortunately only at AndroidPit
  • 01.10.2013: Version HushSMS 2.1.8
  • 09.09.2013: Version Hush SMS APK 2.0.2

Step-by-step FRP unlock model by HarshSMS APK

In case your Samsung Galaxy model device is locked by FRP Google Account then this is the latest way to unlock the Samsung Galaxy model Mobile phone. This process is also working on other Samsung latest device. I have used this method on Android version 8.0, 8.1 Android Oero and Pie 9.0.

I am showing you that my device is Samsung Galaxy model when after reboot when I am trying to complete initial setup it is asking email account and password to activate my Samsung Galaxy model.

01 connect samsung galaxy to wifi

Step: Fist you have to go to Google account lock screen check talkback option working or not ( You can check talkback option by pressing two fingers on screen ). If talkback option is not working then this is the only way to unlock the Samsung Galaxy mobile.

Step: Now it is highly recommended to insert an active sim card in locked Samsung Galaxy model. Insert Activated Sim card in FRP lock the model. ( I have inserted a SIM in my model )

Step: Take another Android mobile phone and download the HushSms APK. I am using Samsung galaxy A8 Plus but you can use any Android mobile phone for hushSMS APK(Download only latest version of harsh SMS APK).

02 download hushsms apk

Go to Google and search Harsh SMS you will find the many links on the google search result. here you have to select Pangu.in. Open the Pangu.in site search result and click on generate link button it will create a download link. click on download link and download the hushSMS APK application.

Send Push Message Samsung Galaxy model via Harsh SMS APK

After download, the “HushSms APK”. install it on your unlocked android phone. After installing the Hush SMS APK open it and select “WPA PUSH SL” button.

03 install hushsms in frp locked mobile

Select the “use HTTP:// URL” and Enter the phone number of the locked model mobile phone also enter “youtube.com” in the “URL” Field. at last click on the send “WPA Push SL” button. It will send a PUSH SMS to the locked mobile.

Now it is time to check the locked Samsung Galaxy model phone. After click on the “Send WPA Push SL” you will receive a message Push notification on the locked Samsung Galaxy model mobile.

04 send push sms url to frp locked mobile

Click “ok” It will bring you on youtube application. Now select the library tab on the bottom of the screen. Click on the profile Avatar on the top of the screen. Now click on the “Term & Privacy policy” option. It will open the chrome browser. press Accept button and then no thanks.click on the URL and enter www.pangu.in.

05 open youtube via pushsms apk in locked mobile

Install Google account manager Samsung Galaxy model

Open Pangu.ni and download google account manager 5.1.1 APK install google account manager. on Samsung Galaxy model.

06 download google account manager for android oreo

Click on the generate button, and then click ok to download the google account manager. Install the google account manager on Samsung Galaxy model.

07 install google account manager android oero in frp locked mobile

click on settings and allow from this source. (It will give permission to chrome to install APK).

08 download pangu frp login tool to enter new gmail in frp locked mobile

again go to URL and search FRP account login tool. You will find this link on the top of the google. Open Pangu.in and click on the generate button and click on the download link. After download Pangu FRP Account Login tool installs it on model.

Download FRP Unlocker tool on Samsung Galaxy model

09 pangu frp account login tool for frp locked mobile

At last download and install the FRP unlocker after install click on Open. Click on three dots menu on the top of the screen it will ask you to browser sign in option.

10 install frp unlock apk or frp account login apk

click on browser sign in and enter your new Gmail ID and password. Enter new Gmail ID and Password (Gmail ID and password must be different from the previously inserted Gmail account)

11 enter new gmail account using browser sign-in three dots menu option

Now just reboot the device it will take around 10 seconds to restart mobile. After the Samsung Galaxy model turn on complete the initial setup. Click on the start also accept the term and conditions.

12 reboot the samsung galaxy mobile after frp unlocked

It will show you a message on the screen that “Account Added” it will show you Getting account info

when screen show you “choose a backup restore” skip it. Here you can select protection for you phone of skip it.

13 complete initial setup after remove google account

Click “Agree” the google services, skip the meet your google assistant.

14 enter new google account in new samsung galaxy mobile

At last, it will ask you to sign in your Samsung Account. skip this step.

restore the samsung galaxy mobile samsung cloud, hushsms frp apk

Now I am going to show you my Samsung Galaxy model Android version and device details.

16 check android version in frp locked mobile
hushsms alternative
how to use hushsms
hushsms frp apk
hushsms ios
hush sms generic failure
hushsms xda
hush sms for iphone
xposed framework apk

This process is working on almost all Samsung mobiles. I have tested it Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note9, Samsung Galaxy Note8.

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