Improved way Remove FRP lock M405F without Combination

Improved way Remove FRP lock M405F without Combination on Samsung M40. We are going to bypass FRP lock from Samsung M40 M405F. in this solution we are not going to use any combination file that is means we will unlock Samsung Galaxy M40 without combination file.

This process will also work on Samsung M40 M405F, and following without any Samsung combination file.


    Step by step remove FRP lock Samsung M405F

    Check FRP locked on M405F.

    First we are going to check that M405F device is locked or not.
    samsung frp locked without combination

    Connect WiFi on M405F

    we need to connect WiFi to process step faster. in case you do not have WiFi connection you may use SIM card internet data.

    Setup PIN lock on SIM card

    We require a SIM card with locked by PIN code. You can take another mobile to setup lock on SIM card. Insert locked SIM card into Samsung M405F.

    Open YouTube application

    for open YouTube application settings in Samsung M405F you need to open recently send apps->click on see all -> click on most recent -> go to down and select YouTube application.

    Open in app notification settings

    to open in-app notification settings you have to scroll down at the last option you will find in-app notification settings. – > Select history and privacy settings. after open history and privacy option open YouTube term and services in M405F.

    Open google chrome browser in Samsung M405F

    After open chrome browser click on accept term and continue. go to URL field and type google account manager 8.0.

    Find Google account manager 8.0

    After result come out select site to download google account manager. Open page and find download button, accept term and condition in chrome browser.

    Download Google account manager 8.0

    Do not close google translator bar it will help you to download google account manager. when you press the download button after three second close the google translator bar. you will see
    Type of file can I am your device do you want to continue keep APK anywhere Click on open button.

    Install google account manager 8.0

    First time google chrome ask to permission to download unknown file.
    For your security your phone is not allow to download unknown File from this source
    click on settings and enable the allow from this source
    Install app from this source may harm your phone and data at risk.

    You want to install this application It does not Require any special access.

    Download Pangu FRP account login tool FRP file

    After successfully install Google account manager go to google and search Pangu FRP account login tool open first result or maybe second result the title must be Pangu FRP account login tool.
    Find download button.

    Install Pangu FRP account login tool on M405F

    To download this application you have to close Google translator bar after that you will see download option click on okay button
    after download complete click on open button. Just install Pangu FRP account login tool.

    Enter Google account in Samsung M405F

    After install Pangu FRP account login tool. click open you will see retype password option from the top three DOT menu click on browser sign in.

    Enter your new Google account on locked device

    Enter your new or old gmail account here do not use your forget an account after clip after enter your email ID and password click on sign in button
    After sign in process complete press the power key for five seconds and restart your device.

    Complete Samsung set up wizard on M405F

    After reboot the device you have to complete the Samsung setup wizard yourself do not disconnect WiFi.

    Google account added on Samsung M405F

    Google account added if you have successfully enter your gmail account that is mean your device is unlocked -> now click not now on protect your device option.

    Review additionally app

    Hey select all application and click on next button otherwise it will take longer time to set up your wizard.

    We have unlock Samsung M40 M405F successfully

    We have successfully I loved our Samsung galaxy a 70 read it easy and fast process.
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