Galaxy Overheating fast battery drain

Galaxy Overheating fast battery drain. This is a process to take all the heating issue into your mobile phone I have mentioned both solution software and hardware it is for bigness an expert can also use the process to take their Samsung mobile phone.


Galaxy Overheating fast battery drain

There are many reasons for overheating smartphone there are basically two reasons of overheating Samsung mobile phones first ETA hardware and second is Sophia Sophia can be fixed easily, hardware can be fixed in a hardware, in other words, it is difficult to solve the issue when your device is over heading if it is a hardware issue.

Fix Overheating issue

Clean WhatsApp Chat

This can be the reason of too must WhatsApp messages. in case you are using WhatsApp a lot then there must be more groups in WhatsApp chats please delete these chats immediately because they are taking oo much space in case memory.

Clean facebook Chat

After clean the WhatsApp chat reboot the device and check the device is still heating. if the device is still heating then also clean the facebook memory. in case both methods are not working then you can also try factory data reset option. but before doing factory data reset please save all data or make a backup of all data.

Update android software version

This can be an issue of software please update your software. some time their many bugs in the software version. after the update, we can fix all bugs.

Fix fast battery drain

Moreover, this is an issue in charging jack section we use the local charger and that is the reason we damage our mobile phone charging jack. instead of charging devices start to discharge the battery.

Clean Charging jack

Ist step cleans you charging jack and see if you find some carbon inside the jack remove it by the help of patrol of other cleaning chemicals.

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