Apex Launcher | Bypass FRP Application and File

Apex Launcher Can also help in bypassing FRP account. By using apex launcher or we can remove Google account from android devices. This is not a tool to bypass Gmail account. This is only an application which can help while doing bypassing FRP lock.


How to bypass FRP lock using apex launcher

We will follow the step-by-step process to bypass google account using apex launcher. We also required some other application like (Pangu account login tool, for Marshmallow 6.0 and 6.0.1). and (Pangu FRP unlock for Naugat 7.1.2 and Oreo 8.0).

Download apex launcher

Go to wikisir.com and download apex launcher you can download apex launcher free. After download complete, it will pop up to open an application. you can also find downloaded application in the menu of chrome browser.

Apex Launcher Step-by-step bypass FRP account.

This process he is working on android Marshmallow Oreo and Nougat versions. There are little changes in the process but the process of Oreo and Nougat are same.

Enable talkback settings

Step: On the lock home screen we have to use two fingers at the same time keep pressing both fingers until you hear a beep.it will enable talkback settings now create L gesture. It will pop-up menu now select talkback settings it will open talkback settings.

Disable talkback settings

After open talkback settings, You can disabled talkback settings by pressing volume up and down key at the same time. Keep pressing both keys for five seconds.you can also disable talkback settings by pressing home button three times.

Open YouTube application

Go to bottom in talkback menu and select help and feedback. Now select voice and access It will open YouTube video. Click on the video it will open chrome browser or YouTube application.

Open chrome browse

if it open YouTube application search Pangu FRP and select any video click on the link in the description. It will open the Google Chrome browser.

Install apex launcher

Click on the open button and then click install apex launcher it will install apex launcher automatically after install apex launcher clicks open. Now you are in fracture launcher you can check your device android version from settings if it is showing 6.0 follow these steps.

Install Pangu account login tool

Install Pangu FRP unlocker.

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